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Facebook Pokes: The Unexpected Comeback
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malware attacks

Samsung, LG phones at risk of malware attacks

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Bluetooth Speakers

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2024: Quality Audio with the Best Sound and Bass!

We summarize product recommendations with the best prices for Bluetooth speakers 2024 from several ecommerce stores, which will make the atmosphere more lively. 1. Lenovo ThinkPlus K3 Lenovo ThinkPlus K3, a stylish Bluetooth speaker with exceptional sound power. The modern and innovative design enriches the aesthetics of the room. Advanced technology provides an exceptional listening…

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Facebook Pokes: The Unexpected Comeback

Recently, poking has become popular again on Facebook, which is surprising since it’s been around for a long time. On Threads, Facebook’s messaging platform, there’s been a huge increase in people using the poke feature. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), seems happy about it and even joked that “Nature is healing.” The…

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